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Local Industry

Del Rio is a vibrant and growing area for industry

The Maquila Possibility

The Maquila Possibility

Del Rio/Ciudad Acuña is home to over 50 Maquiladora plants, including such well-known companies as Oster, Arconic, General Electric, San Antonio Shoe Co., AlliedSignal Automotive, and Bridgestone/Firestone Del Rio Test Center, all of whom came here to avail themselves of low-priced labor while enjoying the technology and lifestyle of the United States.

Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, is in the lowest wage region of Mexico. Mexican minimum wages, for direct labor, with all fringe benefits included, have remained in the range of USD 1.15 to USD 1.35 per hour as the peso has been revalued in comparison with the dollar. Major advantages to the Del Rio/Ciudad Acuña locations are short border crossing times, a minimum of union activity, and the ability to use U.S. trucks and drivers to deliver to Mexican facilities.

A "shelter" operation can provide a facility, staffing, training, equipment setup and accounting. Many companies begin operations in this manner. Typically, these firms take over or establish their own operations in one to three years.

The true "maquila" offers the largest savings, but it requires such expertise in setup, construction, staffing, and operations that most companies without experience retain a consultant. Del Rio offers several experienced, capable consultants who have set up their own facilities and who have taken clients through each of these steps.

  • Amistad Offshore Industries (Claudio Ramon)
  • Alsup & Alsup, Inc. (Jack E. Alsup)
  • Border Opportunity Saver Systems (Don Newton)
  • North American Fabrication Trades Activities (Fred Morr)
  • Larson Properties, Inc. (Frank H. Larson)

The Del Rio Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of available sites and existing buildings available in Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña.

As of June 30, 2018, the local labor force was 20,753 people and the area had an average unemployment rate of 4.5%. Del Rio graduates an average of 750 high school students annually.

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